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It is assumed that every brand name, slogan, corporate name, symbol, design element, et cetera mentioned in this site is a protected/trademarked entity, the sole property of its owner(s), and acknowledgement of this status is implied. When advertising materials are excerpted here it is for express purposes of satire, commentary, or criticism, and thereby protected under the Fair Use provisions of U.S. copyright law.

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Links and Inspiration The anti-dot guerillas.

Web Economy Bullshit Generator: Implement viral infomediaries.

Swoosh No More: A plethora of swoosh-containing logos.

Stay Free Magazine: A nonprofit magazine examining commercialism and American culture.

Splorp | Critique | Spirals: What is with the current profusion of spiral logotypes of late?

LogoHell: Add a millennium orbital crescent swish!

E-nough Already: The society for the preservation of the other 25 letters of the alphabet.

Stay Tuned: Total advertising immersion should frighten you. But it probably doesn't.

Pack it In!: Synergistic or synergetic?

Mission Statement Generator: Dilbert BS generation.

Performance Review Generator: Get help with your next performance review.

Cluetrain: But learning to speak in a human voice is not some trick...

See Spot Run: Internet firms throwing big money at TV ad campaigns are making an elementary goof.

The Buzz Saw: Vapid verbiage robs your life of a little bit of meaning.

Buzz-word Bingo: Do you keep falling asleep in meetings? Here's something to change all that!

Action Item!: Professional superhero.

The Name Game: [salon] Welcome to the vicious world of corporate name-creation.

Adbusters: Culture jammers.

The NT Wheel: Explaining the "nt" firms.

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