As part of an overall consolidation, simplification, and rethink of the way we provide customer support, we’ve decided to retire answers.37signals.com.

We’ve already begun exploring better ways to help people get the most out of 37signals products. We’re looking forward to sharing these ideas when they’re ready.

In the meantime, our 37signals Help site is here to serve you. You can also contact us directly on Twitter at @37signals and we’ll get back to you quickly during standard business hours (9am–6pm EST (14:00–23:00 GMT) Monday through Friday).

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to answers.37signals.com — especially the top ten contributors: Ben Garvey, Shawn Cardwell, Bryan Sebastian, Paul Stone, Chris Baylis, Jason Rehmus, Andrew Wicklander, Emil Sunberg, Kimball Fink-Jensen, and Danny McClelland.

Jason Fried
Jason Fried, President of 37signals